Tile and Grout Cleaning in Pleasanton

Expert tile and grout cleaning from Alamo Chem-Dry

After years of regular use, your tile and grout become discolored and saturated with dirt and grime. Many homeowners in Pleasanton try to clean their tile and grout themselves, but even with a lot of elbow grease, stained and discolored tile is difficult to properly clean without professional equipment.

It is recommended to have your tile, stone, and grout professionally cleaned every 12-18 months. You can rely on Alamo Chem-Dry in Pleasanton, TX to refresh and deep clean your tile and grout. Our technicians use specialized cleaning solutions and equipment to remove stains and dirt that have built up over the years. Unlike other tile cleaners in Pleasanton, we use a non-toxic cleaning solution that is safe to use around your family. 

Stop spending hours on your hands and knees scrubbing and cleaning. Allow us to renew the shine to your tile, stone, and grout throughout your home or business. Starting at only $0.99 per square foot.

technician cleaning tile

Our Tile and Grout Cleaning Process


  • Before the on-site cleaning process begins, we’ll perform pretests to determine the type of stone or tile to guarantee the safest, highest-quality outcome for your home, especially when working with acid-sensitive surfaces such as marble, terrazzo, travertine, and limestone.

  • Our certified technicians also provide additional inspection, tape off the area to protect adjacent surfaces, and perform dry soil removal, clearing away surface dust and dirt for better access to build-up and more effective deep-cleaning results.

  • We’ll perform quality checks along the way. If the results are uneven or do not meet expectations, they clean over the uneven area and check their results again, repeating this quality control process until they’ve reached the optimal result.

  • Immediately following your cleaning, Chem-Dry sealers are applied that create a barrier to keep allergens out and allow for easy maintenance. Our stone, tile, and grout cleaning and sealing services leave your floors purified, protected, and ready to use after only a few hours.


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